(Solution Download) 1 Based on the description in the case and the

1. Based on the description in the case and the definitions in the text, would you characterize Roche Diagnostics as an international, multinational, or global organization?
2. Evaluate how Roche prepares employees for its global rotation program. What improvements or additions to the preparation would you recommend?
3. How could Roche evaluate the success of the global rotation program?

The health care company Roche has two operating divisions: a pharmaceuticals division and Roche Diagnostics, which applies research and development to identify ways that diagnostic tests can help patients manage their health with individualized care. At its main sites in Switzerland, Germany, and the United States, Roche Diagnostics conducts research by microbiologists, biochemists, geneticists, oncologists, and specialists in infectious diseases. Finding enough people with these skills is difficult, and managing them requires a special set of scientific and business expertise, as well as the ability to navigate the cultural differences of a diverse workforce.
In contrast to most of its competitors, Roche isn?t focused on the most efficient way to conduct research in one or two centralized locations. Rather, the strategy is to have many different groups pursuing a variety of ideas, sharing what they learn so they create the most ideas. Thus, leadership requires a combination of technical strength and communication skill.


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