(Solution Download) 1 Based on the information given discuss how well Performance

1. Based on the information given, discuss how well Performance Multiplier and Rypple meet the criteria for effective performance management: fit with strategy, validity, reliability, acceptability, and specific feedback.
2. How suitable would these tools be for fulfilling the strategic, administrative, and developmental purposes of performance management?

In the world of Facebook or Twitter, people love to hear feedback about what they?re up to. But sit them down for a performance review, and suddenly the experience becomes traumatic.
Now companies are taking a page from social networking sites to make the performance evaluation process more fun and useful. Accenture has developed a Facebook-style program called Performance Multiplier in which, among other things, employees post status updates, photos, and two or three weekly goals that can be viewed by fellow staffers. Even more immediate: new software from a Toronto startup called Rypple that lets people post Twitter-length questions about their performance in exchange for anonymous feedback. Companies ranging from sandwich chain Great Harvest Bread Company to Firefox developer Mozilla have signed on as clients.


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