(Solution Download) 1 Based on what you know so far list the

1. Based on what you know so far, list the system requirements for the new system. You can use your imagination if the facts are insufficient. Consider outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls. Include at least two examples for each category.
2. You decide to analyze a sample of vehicle records. What sampling methods are available to you? Which one should you use, and why?
3. Dawn thinks it would be a good idea to conduct a JAD session to perform additional fact-finding. Draft a message to the participants, with a brief explanation of JAD methods and a proposed agenda.

In Chapter 2, you learned that the town?s maintenance budget has risen sharply in recent years. Based on a preliminary investigation, the town has decided to develop a new information system to manage maintenance information and costs more effectively. The new system will be named RAVE, which stands for Repair Analysis for Vehicular Equipment. Dawn has asked you to perform additional fact-finding to document the requirements for the new system


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