(Solution Download) 1 Briefly list the data elements that you have found

1. Briefly list the data elements that you have found on three different reports produced at MRE.
2. Based on your interviews with Snowden Evans and others, list the data elements that you believe you should add to the Management Unit?s project reporting systems to better capture important data on project status, project deadlines, and budget estimates.
3. Create a data dictionary entry for a new data store, a new data flow, and a new data process that you are suggesting based on your response to Question 2.
4. Suggest a list of new data elements that might be helpful to Jimmy Hyatt but are clearly not being made available to him currently.

?You?re really doing very well. Snowden says you?ve given him all sorts of new ideas for running the new department. That?s saying quite a lot, when you consider that he has a lot of his own ideas. By now I hope you?ve had a chance to speak with everyone you would like to: certainly Snowden himself, Tom Ketcham, Daniel Hill, and Mr. Hyatt.


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