(Solution Download) 1 Can you use the job characteristics model JCM to

1. Can you use the job characteristics model (JCM) to redesign the job of the trash collector to be internally motivating? How?
2. Assume that the trash collection job is not internally motivating. Identify areas where you can strengthen the job?s core characteristics and give specific examples.
3. Is it possible to redesign the very specialized job of a garbage collector to make it more satisfying? Is a redesign feasible? In other words, do you redesign the job or keep it as is? Explain your reasoning.

Glancing at the newspaper machine in the lobby, you are happy to see the headline proclaiming the end of the garbage collectors? strike in a nearby city. That kind of strike tends to have a ripple effect on neighboring areas, and as the manager of a private waste collection company in the region, you breathe a sigh of relief.


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