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1. Comment on International Cosmetics? policies on the basis of ?as reported? earnings.
2. Is management correct in stating that by translating their financial reports into dollars they ?automatically approximate the impact of inflation??
3. What revised actions/policies would you recommend based on inflation-adjusted figures?











In 1993 Icelandic Enterprises was incorporated in Reykjavik to manufacture and distribute women?s cosmetics in Iceland. All of its outstanding stock was acquired at the beginning of 2001 by International Cosmetics, Ltd. (IC), a U.S.-based MNE headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut. Competition with major cosmetics manufacturers both within and outside Iceland was very keen. As a result, Icelandic Enterprises (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Cosmetics) was under constant pressure to expand its product offerings. This required frequent investment in new equipment. Competition also affected the company?s pricing flexibility. As the demand for cosmetics was price elastic, Icelandic lost market share every time it raised its prices. Accordingly, when Icelandic increased selling prices, it did so in small increments while increasing its advertising and promotional efforts to minimize the adverse effects of the price increase on sales volume.



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