(Solution Download) 1 Compare and contrast Facebook s Google s and Twitter s ad networks

1. Compare and contrast Facebook's, Google's, and Twitter's ad networks. Which is most effective for advertisers?
2. Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors of digital advertising, but how is mobile advertising effectiveness measured? Research this issue and create a report of your findings.
Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly users, and a large majority of users typically visit the site daily on a mobile device. What started as an online social network allowing people to connect with each other has transformed into a behemoth media mogul that promises to be a game-changer in mobile advertising. Facebook announced its new mobile ad platform called Audience Network to deliver targeted mobile ads for advertisers. While there are other mobile ad platforms (Google is the dominant player), Facebook has a treasure trove of data that is useful for advertisers. Google is strong in search data, but Facebook is part of our lives. Facebook has been placing ads on its site for advertisers, but now Facebook will be pushing those ads to third-party apps. This is a win-win-win situation for advertisers, app developers, and Facebook because advertisers get their mobile ads to people based on very personal information, app developers get ad revenue, and Facebook gets a cut of the ad revenue for placing the ad. And it's no small cut-in just the last quarter of 2013, Facebook earned $1.3 billion in mobile ad revenue. That's 60 percent of Facebook's overall ad revenue.


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