(Solution Download) 1 Conduct a brief analysis of the marketing environment and

1. Conduct a brief analysis of the marketing environment and the forces shaping the development of StubHub
2. Discuss StubHub?s business model. What general benefits does it afford to buyers and sellers? Which benefits are most important in terms of creating value for buyers and sellers?
3. Discuss StubHub as a new intermediary. What effects has this new type of intermediary had on the ticket industry?
4. Apply the text?s e-marketing domains framework to StubHub?s business model. How has each domain played a role in the company?s success?
5. What recommendations can you make for improving StubHub?s future growth and success?
6. What are the legal or ethical issues, if any, for ticketreselling Web sites?

As the rock band KISS returned to the United States for the final performances of its ?Alive/35? tour in the summer of 2008, Roger felt like reliving some old memories. Just because he was in his 50s didn?t mean he was too old to rock. After all, he was an original KISS fan dating back to the 70s. It had been years since he had gone to a concert for any band. But on the day the KISS tickets went on sale, he grabbed a lawn chair and headed to his local Ticketmaster outlet to ?camp out? in line. Roger knew that the terminal, located inside a large chain music store, wouldn?t open until 10 a.m. when tickets went on sale. He got to the store at 6 a.m. to find only three people ahead of him. ?Fantastic,? Roger thought. With so few people in front of him, getting good seats would be a snap. Maybe he would even score something close to the stage.


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