(Solution Download) 1 Consider the contents of this textbook as a template

1. Consider the contents of this textbook as a template for CPI?s database content. Draw an ERD and class diagram that represents the book and its key content elements. Which diagram is a more accurate representation of book content? Expand your diagrams to include related product content such as a set of PowerPoint slides, an electronic book formatted as a Web site, and a Web-based test bank.
2. Develop a list of data types required to store the content of the book, slides, and Web sites. Are the relational DBMS data types listed in Figure sufficient?

3. What features of an ODBMS, beyond or different from RDBMS features, might be useful when implementing CPI?s database? Give examples of how they might be used.
In only a decade, Computer Publishing, Incorporated (CPI) had grown from a small textbook publishing house into a large international company with significant market share in traditional textbooks, electronic books, and distance education courseware. CPI?s processes for developing books and courseware were similar to those used by most other publishers, but those processes had proven cumbersome and slow in an era of rapid product cycles and multiple productformats.


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