(Solution Download) 1 Consider the criteria discussed in this chapter for choosing

1. Consider the criteria discussed in this chapter for choosing among the adaptive approaches to system development. Which CSS project characteristics favor a predictive approach? Which favor the UP? What characteristics might indicate use of a more agile approach? Which approach is best suited to the CSS development project?
2. Should RMO consider using purchased components within the new CSS? If so, when should it begin looking for components? How will a decision to use components affect the requirements, design, and implementation phases? If purchased components are used, should the portions of the system developed in-house also be structured as components? Will a decision to pursue component- based design and development make it necessary to adopt OO analysis and design methods?

Now that you have studied the material in this textbook, you?ll be able to make more informed and in-depth choices regarding development approach and techniques for the RMO customer support system (CSS). Review the CSS system capabilities in Chapter 3, and the ?Rethinking RMO? cases at the end of Chapters 2 and 3. You may also need to look at other RMO material from Chapters 2 and 3 to answer the following questions:


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