(Solution Download) United Screen Printers USP produces a wide range of decals

1. Construct an aggregate project plan for USP.
2. What criteria would you recommend USP use in selecting its projects this year?
3. Based on your recommended criteria and the aggregate project plan, what projects would you recommend USP fund this year? Are there any types of projects you would recommend USP pursue that were not proposed?
4. What, if any, additional information would you want in making your recommendations? How would you go about obtaining this information?












United Screen Printers (USP) produces a wide range of decals for displaying promotional messages on fleet vehicles (including delivery vans, eighteen-wheelers, and aircraft). Its decals range from flat-color designs to full?color photographic reproductions. Although it is one of the oldest forms of printing, screen printing is superior to most of the more modern approaches because it permits making heavier deposits of ink onto a surface, resulting in more vibrant and longer lasting finishes. Screen printing works by blocking out areas on a silk screen so that ink passes through only the unblocked areas to make an impression on the vinyl decal. Many in the industry believe that the economics of fleet graphics makes them an extremely attractive form of advertising and should lead to their continued penetration of a largely untapped market. One industry source estimated that the cost of fleet graphics works out to be $2.84 per 1,000,000 visual impressions. Given the highly cost effective nature of using fleet graphics as a form of advertising, it is speculated that organizations will increasingly exploit this form of advertising. In addition, as organizations become better aware of this advertising medium, it is likely they will want to change their message more frequently. According to managers at USP, this may be one of the major factors that is apparently driving the competition to focus more on short lead-times and prices, and less on decal durability.



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