(Solution Download) 1 Create a detail report that will display all SCR

1. Create a detail report that will display all SCR courses in alphabetical order, with the course name and the instructor name in a group header; the Social Security number, name, and telephone number of each current student in the detail section; and the student count in a group footer.
2. Create a switchboard design with control buttons that lead to students, instructors, courses, course schedules, and course rosters. Allow a user to add, update, or delete records in each area. Jesse wants to see storyboards that show the proposed screens.
3. Suggest data validation checks for data entry screens.
4. Create a source document for an SCR mail-in registration form. Also need a design for a Web-based course registration form.

Now that the overall data design is complete, Jesse Baker wants you to work on output and user interface design. You will consider user needs, and apply principles of human-computer interaction to build a user-centered interface that is easy to learn and use. You also will consider data validation checks, source documents, forms, and reports.


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