(Solution Download) 1 Create a service blueprint of the refinancing process Why

1. Create a service blueprint of the refinancing process. Why do you think the bank organized its process this way? What problems have ensued?
2. Examine the process carefully. Look at customer/ provider interactions. Which steps create value for the customer? Which steps can be eliminated? Construct a new blueprint showing how the overall process can be improved.

First National Bank has been swamped with refinancing requests this year. To handle the increased volume, it divided the process into five distinct stages and created departments for each stage.
The process begins with a customer completing a loan application for a loan agent. The loan agent discusses the refinancing options with the customer and performs quick calculations based on customer-reported data to see if the customer qualifies for loan approval. If the numbers work, the customer signs a few papers to allow a credit check and goes home to wait for notification of the loan?s approval.


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