(Solution Download) 1 Create a time phased assembly chart to determine when the

1. Create a time-phased assembly chart to determine when the 10 cars can be delivered.
2. What adjustments are needed in inventory levels, lead times, and batch sizes to fill an additional customer order for five custom cars in five days?

Hosuki, a small car maker, competes with larger manufacturers by building cars to order. The company has invested heavily in technology and close partnerships with suppliers. Customers enter their orders and choose their options on the company Web site. Hosuki?s ERP system responds with an estimated cost and completion date. After the customer approves the order, Hosuki sets to work. Quick response for Hosuki is dependent on collaborative manufacturing with its trading partners. A virtual bill of material for a typical car appears on the next page. Notice each item is color-coded to the supplier who is responsible for providing that item. Hosuki has full visibility into its suppliers? ERP systems to check on-hand quantities and order progress. These data are essential in quoting accurate due dates. Most of the car?s components arepurchased.


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