(Solution Download) Consensual Relationship Agreements

1. Critics of CRAs assert that they are too intrusive, ineffective, and unnecessary and that they can cause as many problems as they solve. Identify the specific reasons and examples that might justify these criticisms.
2. How would you assess the ethical intensity of CRAs from the perspective of the employer? From the perspective of the employees in a consensual relationship?
3. What specific ethical principles might be used to justify the use of CRAs? Explain.
4. What ethical principles might be used by employees in consensual relationships to oppose signing such an agreement? Explain.
5. Do you personally favor or oppose the use of CRAs in the workplace? Explain.











If you put individuals with common interests together for 40-plus hours per week, office romance is bound to happen. Statistics seem to bear that out: According to a survey by Valut.com, an online career center, 47 percent of the 1,000 professionals surveyed had been involved in an office romance, and another 19 percent would consider it. Of those individuals who had a romance, 11 percent had dated their managers or another manager.



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