(Solution Download) 1 Daxko s David Gray says I m a big believer in

1. Daxko?s David Gray says, ?I?m a big believer in corporate culture as a competitive advantage.? Do you agree? Explain.
2. Why do company cultures like the ones at New Belgium Brewing Company and Daxko appeal to employees, particularly members of Generation X and Generation Y? Would you want to work for New Belgium Brewing or Daxko? Explain.

?There?s something wrong if making beer can?t be fun,? says Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium Brewing Company, the business she cofounded with her husband Jeff Lebesch in 1991. The idea for the company came to Lebesch while he was on a bicycle tour of Belgium, peddling his way through towns and villages that are famous for making superb, rich, boldly flavored craft beers. Inspired by his trip, Lebesch began brewing beer in his basement using dairy equipment that he modified for beer-making. Jordan became the tiny company?s bottler, sales representative, distributor, marketing director, and financial manager.


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