(Solution Download) 1 Debate whether these new features in game consoles are

1. Debate whether these new features in game consoles are enough to survive against the growth of smart phone and tablet apps that offer free or inexpensive games.
2. Brainstorm three new game console features incorporating digital, mobile, or social media technology to encourage consumer interaction and engagement with gaming.
Eight years after the launch of its wildly successful Xbox 360, Microsoft finally launched its new Xbox One in 2013. The company was hoping the new console would turn around its 71 percent plunge in profits in 2012. The Xbox One touts a Bluray video player, voice-activated on-demand movies and TV, Skype calling, and social media integration. Smart-TV features customize menus for each player and tailor content for individual users. Xbox Live's 48 million members can interact on social media during special televised events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Oscars, and other special programming. Games have greater artificial intelligence, enabling players to feel like the virtual athletes are making decisions on their own. Sports data such as daily performance and injury updates feed into online games, such as Madden NFL, mirroring its real-world counterpart. Players can augment live televised games with fantasy football stats that can be shared with friends via Skype and Microsoft's Smart-Glass apps. One thing the Xbox One can't do is play old games. Competitor Sony came out with its PlayStation 4 that has touch-sensors in its controller and allows players to play any game-current or old-instantly over the Internet. Both companies are banking on more digital and social media applications to save them from the fate that competitor Nintendo faced with its failed Wii U console introduced in 2012.


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