(Solution Download) 1 Describe a viable configuration using Apache Linux 2 Compar

1. Describe a viable configuration using Apache/Linux.
2. Compare the relative market penetration of Microsoft and Apache/Linux (a good starting place is http://news.netcraft.com ).
The database issue is another potential controversy for RMO. The current decision is to keep the mainframe and run DB2, a very efficient relational database. However, another alternative would be to implement an Oracle database. Oracle is also very strong in the marketplace. Given these two alternatives, do the following:
3. Compare the relative market penetration of these two solutions.
4. List the strengths and weaknesses of each approach: that of the DB2 mainframe approach and that of Oracle running on some type of multiple processor server computers.
Various application deployment environments would actually be acceptable for RMO?s strategic plan. The staff?s current thinking was to move more toward a Microsoft solution, using the latest version of Microsoft Server with Microsoft?s IIS as the Web server. However, Linux with Apache servers offers another large installed base of servers. Considering that RMO could also take that approach, do the following:


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