(Solution Download) 1 Describe and evaluate what Alan Mulally did at Ford

1. Describe and evaluate what Alan Mulally did at Ford Motor Company.
2. What structural implications arise from Mulally?s description of Ford being world-class?
3. What types of adaptive organizational designs discussed in this chapter might be needed as Ford continues to pursue its vision of One Ford. . . One Team. . . One Plan. . . One Goal? For each design that you think is appropriate, describe what it is and how the company might use it.
4. What does this case story tell you about how a company?s vision and plans affect its structure?

One Ford . . . One Team . . . One Plan. . . One Goal. Tens of thousands of Ford employees carry around these words with them on laminated wallet-sized cards. Why? These words reflect the vision CEO Alan Mulally has for the future of Ford Motor Company. And pursuing that vision has implications for how the company will be structured.
Mulally joined Ford Motor in September 2006 from Boeing, where he had led a successful turnaround effort. And Ford, facing serious challenges, needed someone like him. Between the fierce competition in the global car industry and the realities of its manufacturing and product development deficiencies, the company?s financial condition was worsening. Family member Bill Ford ?handpicked his successor as CEO, gambling that Alan Mulally?s team-building skills and industrial savvy would inspire and embolden employees enough to revive the hard-up automaker.?


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