(Solution Download) 1 Describe the core actual and augmented levels of product

1. Describe the core, actual, and augmented levels of product associated with an automobile. What level does the mobile Wi-Fi system represent? Explain.
2. Debate the pros and cons of including Wi-Fi Internet access in automobiles. Should the Internet access feature be included in automobiles?
You've heard of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, but one is truly mobile- your car. Automobile manufacturers Audi, Ford, Nissan, and General Motors are equipping cars with 10-inch screens and Internet access. Cadillac's new XTS includes an iPad-like touch screen and voice commands so you can keep in touch with your friends on Facebook. The government is concerned that Web access will cause a spike in accidents due to increased driver distraction and wants the devices to only work when the car is in park. Such guidelines are only suggestions, however, leaving car manufacturers to include whatever they think customers want in their vehicles. The industry's argument is that these new gadgets are safer than the handheld ones drivers are already using in their cars. Automakers claim that there will be even fewer buttons than currently found in cars, possibly resulting in greater safety for drivers and passengers.


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