(Solution Download) 1 Describe the difficulties of selling internationally on the W

1. Describe the difficulties of selling internationally on the Web.
2. Why did Cliptomania?s relevancy rankings on Google fall off the map when they changed the URL from cliptomania.com to cliptomania.net?
3. Why is it important that a Web store manager understand how the search engines determine the relevancy of a site?

Cliptomania, LLC, a limited liability corporation, sells clipon earrings on the Internet at www.cliptomania.com. Cliptomania is owned and operated by the Santo family? father Jim, mother Candy, and daughter Christy. Its business is conducted from the lower level of the Santo home in Indiana, but it sells non pierced earrings throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Most people who wear earrings have pierced ears, so stores offer a limited assortment of non pierced earrings. Those who want clip-ons have a very difficult time finding appealing choices. Cliptomania sells nothing but non pierced earrings, and it offers its customers a choice of hundreds of different styles of clip-ons. Although the percentage of people who want clip-ons is small, the total number of potential customers available to Cliptomania on the Web is huge. The Santos have found an underserved market niche. According to Candy:


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