(Solution Download) 1 Describe the target market for JCPenney and Apple How

1. Describe the target market for JCPenney and Apple. How are they similar or different? How does the target market each influence their pricing strategy?
2. How are the products and product lines offered for JCPenney and Apple similar and different? What types of pricing strategies will be most effective for the product strategy of each company?
3. Consider the place (distribution) where customers go to purchase JCPenney products. Next, consider where Apple customers go to purchase Apple products. How do you suppose differences in the companies' distribution methods may result in differences in their pricing strategies?
4. After the demise of everyday low pricing, a pair of earrings once sold at a list price of $200 was marked up to $450. Although the newly revived deep discounts and coupons will considerably lower the actual price to consumers, the actual cost to the average consumer will be higher than $200. Do you think that this is ethical or unethical? Why?


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