(Solution Download) 1 Develop a business profile for Original Kayak Adventures The

1. Develop a business profile for Original Kayak Adventures. The profile should include information about OKA?s business activities, organization, resources, customers, and potential opportunity to engage in e-commerce.
2. List OKA?s main functions and business processes. Draw a model of an OKA business process, including possible events, processes, and results.
3. What types of information systems does OKA use? Do these systems support its current and future business objectives? Why or why not?
4. From an object-oriented viewpoint, OKA treats reservations as a class. Based on the background information provided, what are some properties of reservation objects?

John and Edie Caputo, who are avid kayakers and amateur naturalists, founded OKA two years ago. The Caputos spent many weekends and vacations exploring the Hudson?s numerous creeks and tributaries. John was a sales representative and Edie worked for a Web design firm. Two years ago, John?s division was purchased by a rival company, which announced plans to move operations to another state. Rather than relocate, the Caputos decided to launch OKA. They reasoned that Edie could leave her job and work as a freelance Web designer, which would provide some income while John tried to build OKA into a profitable business. John and Edie are convinced that the ecotourism market will expand greatly, and they look forward to sharing their experience and knowledge with others who enjoy nature and kayaking.


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