(Solution Download) 1 Develop an implementation plan that would be useful to

1. Develop an implementation plan that would be useful to the Training group in changing to a computerized project tracking system. Use a paragraph to explain your approach. Be sure that what you are doing also meets Snowden?s expectations.
2. In two paragraphs, discuss what conversion approach is appropriate for adopting a new automated project tracking system for the Training group.
3. Create a bulleted list of the measures you would take to secure and back up the new project tracking system you are proposing for the Training group.

?As you know, Snowden is determined to implement some kind of computerized tracking for the Training people. Even after having you and your team here at MRE for all of this time, though, it isn?t clear to me how that will ever come about. You?ve probably noticed by now that people such as Tom Ketcham are pretty set in their ways, but so is Snowden, and he definitely has the upper hand. I?m not telling you anything you don?t know already, am I?


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