(Solution Download) 1 Develop an RFP outline that addresses the options identified

1. Develop an RFP outline that addresses the options identified by the executives. List and briefly describe each general, technical, and functional requirement.
2. Assume that you have already developed a complete set (over 100 printed pages) of analysis documents using either the traditional or object-oriented approach. Should those be included in the RFP? Why or why not?
3. Develop a list of vendors to whom the RFP should be sent.
Assume that Reliable has completed a thorough analysis of system requirements (part of which you worked on as case exercises in Chapters 4 through 7). Management is now confronted with the task of choosing a system scope and implementation approach. To summarize the alternatives, you have prepared the following table, which divides the requirements into functional subsets, estimates the duration of design and implementation for each function if software is custom-built, and categorizes the risk for each function based on software complexity, technology maturity, and certainty about requirements.


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