(Solution Download) 1 Discuss a demographic and an economic trend related to

1. Discuss a demographic and an economic trend related to Chindia?s power and its impact on marketers in the United States. Support your discussion of these trends with statistics.
2. Using the chain ratio method described in Appendix 2: Marketing by the Numbers, discuss factors to consider when estimating total market demand for automobiles in China or India.
China and India are emerging markets that will have a significant impact on the world in coming years. With China?s population at over 1.3 billion and India?s at 1 billion, they are the two most populous countries, comprising almost 40 percent of the world?s population. The economies of both countries are growing at phenomenal rates as well. The term ?Chindia? is used to describe the growing power of these two countries, and predictions are that these two will overtake the United States as the largest economies in the world within just a few decades.


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