(Solution Download) 1 Discuss the implications that such a change would have

1. Discuss the implications that such a change would have on the scope of the project. How might this new capability change the list of stakeholders the team would involve when collecting information and defining the requirements? Would the change have any effect on other RMO systems or system projects planned or under way? Would the change have any effect on the project plan originally developed by Barbara Halifax? In other words, is this a minor change or a major change?
2. What events need to be added to the event table? Complete the event table entries for these additional events. What activities or use cases for existing events might be changed because of a charge account and payment plan? Explain.
3. What are some additional things and relationships among things that the system would be required to store because of the charge account and payment plan? Modify the entity-relationship diagram and the class diagram to reflect these charges.

When listing nouns and making some decisions about the initial list of things, the RMO team decided to research Customer Account as a possible data entity or class if the system included an RMO payment plan (similar to a company charge account plan). Many retail store chains have their own charge accounts for the convenience of the customer?to increase sales to the customer and to better track customer purchase behavior. Consider the implications to the system if management decided to incorporate an RMO charge account and payment plan as part of the customer support system.


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