(Solution Download) 1 Discuss the nature of the market structure and demand for

1. Discuss the nature of the market structure and demand for the Dreamliner. What are the implications of this for Boeing and its customers?
2. What examples of the major types of buying situations do you see in the case? Discuss the implications of each in terms of marketing strategy.
3. List the specific features of the Dreamliner. What customer benefits result from each?
4. Discuss the customer buying process for a Boeing airplane. In what major ways does this process differ from the buying process a passenger might go through in choosing an airline?

For such purchases, Boeing knows that it takes more than fast talk and a firm handshake to sell expensive aircraft?it takes a lot of relationship building. So Boeing invests heavily in managing customer relationships. Individual salespeople head up an extensive team of company specialists?sales and service technicians, financial analysts, planners, engineers?all dedicated to finding ways to understand and satisfy airline customer needs. These teams work closely with clients through the lengthy buying process. Even after receiving an order, salespeople stay in almost constant contact to keep make certain the customer stays satisfied. The success of customer relationships depends on performance and trust. ?When you buy an airplane, it is like getting married,? quips Alan Mallaly, the head of Boeing?s commercial airplane division. ?It is a long-term relationship.?


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