(Solution Download) 1 Discuss the pros and cons of using average demand

1. Discuss the pros and cons of using average demand to assess capacity requirements. Is this a reasonable approach for the ER?
2. Make a recommendation for Jenn as to what she should do and the information that she should provide in her request.

Jenn Kostich, director of emergency services at Northwest General Hospital, is faced with a decision on how to respond to a recent memo. Her response could affect the entire ER operation, and she wants to make sure it is prepared correctly.
Jenn has just learned that the board of Northwest General has approved plans for a large remodeling and expansion project. All department directors of the hospital have been asked to provide an assessment of their capacity needs if they were requesting an increase in their departmental space. The directors were told to specify the amount of increase they required and provide justification for the request. They were also directed to base their requests on the average of their departments? demand requirements.


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