(Solution Download) 1 Do managers like Janis Blancero face a more complicated

1. Do managers like Janis Blancero face a more complicated decision when evaluating the personal requests of employees versus evaluating employees? individual work performance? Explain.
2. a. Should Adobe establish a policy for granting flexible work schedules? Explain.
b. If you answered yes, what might that policy contain?
3. If you were Janis Blancero, how would you resolve this dilemma? Explain.

Adobe Consulting Services (ACS), a provider of HR software application systems, prides itself on the variety of benefits it offers employees. In addition to healthcare, pension, and vacation benefits, the company also offers an attractive family-friendly benefits package including flexible schedules, child and elder care assistance, counseling services, adoption assistance, and extended parental leave. Unfortunately, in recent months, the company?s progressive work/life policy has experienced a backlash from several employees, as the following case illustrates.


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