(Solution Download) 1 Do Sanders Ono and Lyons have the right to

1. Do Sanders, Ono, and Lyons have the right to challenge the annual picnic?s value in communicating the corporate culture values?
2. How would company management at Exterior Lighting know whether the picnic was an effective way of communicating the cultural values of caring for people and teamwork?
3. What, if anything, should management do about possible sexual harassment at the company picnic?
4. Aside from a picnic, how might top management communicate the company?s culture?

Matt Larson is the CEO of Exterior Light Inc. a company that manufactures and installs external lighting for municipalities, malls, and athletic stadiums. Working closely with Helen Ono, the vice president of administration and human resources, he organizes a company picnic every summer. The tradition has endured for 25 years.
Four hundred of the company?s 440 people attended the picnic this year, held at Larson?s summer home on lakefront property. The picnic facilities featured a volleyball area, a 22-foot inflatable slide, pony rides, face painters, temporary tattoos, miniature golf, an open bee rand-wine bar for adults, and a fully stocked Good Humor truck. Larson, Ono, and the other corporate officials worked the grill, which included meat products and vegetarian choices. According to the accounting department, the picnic cost $49,000 including reimbursed travel costs for employees working in field locations.


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