(Solution Download) 1 Do the clinical trials in Albania You ll be able

1. Do the clinical trials in Albania. You?ll be able to bring the drug to market faster and cheaper, which will be good for AH Biotech?s employees and investors and good for the millions of people who suffer from anxiety attacks.
2. Do the clinical trials in the United States. Even though it certainly will be more expensive and time-consuming, you?ll feel as if you?re living up to the part of the Hippocratic Oath that instructed you to ?prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.?
3. Do the clinical trials in Albania, and if the drug is approved, use part of the profits to set up a compassionate-use program in Albania, even though setting up a distribution system and training doctors to administer the drug, monitor patients for adverse effects, and track results will entail considerable expense.

Dr. Abraham Hassan knew he couldn?t put off the decision any longer. AH Biotech, the Bound Brook, New Jersey-based Company started up by this psychiatrist-turned-entrepreneur, had developed a novel drug that seemed to promise long-term relief from panic attacks. If it gained FDA approval, it would be the company?s first product. It was now time for large-scale clinical trials. But where should AH Biotech conduct those tests?
David Berger, who headed up research and development, was certain that he already knew the answer to that question: Albania. ?Look?doing these trials in Albania will be quicker, easier, and a lot cheaper than doing them in the States,? he pointed out. ?What?s not to like??


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