(Solution Download) 1 Do these scenes show external or internal recruitment 2

1. Do these scenes show external or internal recruitment?
2. Recall an earlier discussion in this chapter of the employee?s role in career planning. What does Carter do to help his career?
3. Review the earlier section ?Career Development Initiatives.? Which of those initiatives appear in these scenes? What is Mark Steckle?s role in Carter?s career development?

This chapter described many ways a company can recruit employees. The scenes from the film In Good Company show other ways a company can find new employees. Use the questions below as guides while viewing these scenes.
A corporate takeover brings star advertising executive Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) a new boss who is half his age. Carter Duryea (Topher Grace)?Dan?s new boss?wants to prove his worth as the new marketing chief at Sports America, Waterman Publishing?s flagship magazine. Carter applies his unique approaches while dating Dan?s daughter, Alex (Scarlett Johansson).


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