(Solution Download) 1 Do you agree with Alice and the others about

1. Do you agree with Alice and the others about the importance of problem-solving skills? Industry-specific insight? Communication skills? Discuss.
2. Should you research how a hospital is managed before interviewing for a position with an information systems manager at a hospital? Discuss.
3. In terms of your career, do you think it really makes a difference whether you work for a bank, a hospital, or a retail chain? Or is an information systems job going to be the same no matter where you work? Discuss.
?I?ll tell you exactly what I look for when I interview a new college grad,? Alice Adams volunteered. Alice, a system development manager at a local bank, was talking with several professional acquaintances at a monthly dinner meeting of the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP). AITP provides opportunities for information systems professionals to get together occasionally and share experiences. Usually a few dozen professionals from information systems departments at a variety of companies attend the monthly meetings.


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