(Solution Download) 1 Do you see any downside to these workplace amenities

1. Do you see any downside to these workplace amenities?
2. Would these influence your choosing to work for Google despite less money?

Employees worked long hours but were treated like family. There was even a gourmet chef, with free meals, healthy drinks and snacks. The chef took pride in providing better meals than found in area restaurants. Given the international mix of employees, the menu was varied to cater to all tastes: Southwestern, classic Italian, French, African, Asian, Indian, etc. The Wall Street Journal sent a reporter out to investigate. ?Where else but the Plex can you zip around on a bicycle and choose from multicultural comfort food, American regional food, small plates, entrees made with five ingredients or less, and dishes based on raw materials supplied from within 150 miles of Mountain View? Many employees eat three meals a day at the Plex?s 17 food venues, open any time day or night. . . . We were told that Messrs. Brin and Page chow down with the troops.? (Raymond Sokolov, ?Googling Lunch,? Wall Street Journal, December 1?2, 2007, pp. W1 and W5.)
Also furnished were such conveniences as on-site laundry, hair styling, dental and medical care, a car wash, day care, fitness facilities with personal trainers, and a professional masseuse. Brightly colored medicine balls, lava lamps, assorted gadgets and sports equipment gave the appearance of a college campus. Chartered buses had internet access so that commuters to San Francisco could use their laptops. Social events and entertainment were Friday afternoon and evening features.
As a spur for creativity, a policy was set that software engineers spend at least 20 percent of their time, or one day a week, working on whatever projects interested them.


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