(Solution Download) 1 Do you think college students around age 20 would

1. Do you think college students around age 20 would be more vulnerable to falls during roofing jobs than older employees? Why or why not? How could a roofing company protect these workers from falls?
2. Imagine that C. A. Franc called you in to give human resources advice. The owner points out that these are difficult times for the construction industry, so there is really no budget for training. What advice would you give?

Recently, OSHA fined C. A. Franc, a Valencia, Pennsylvania, construction company, more than half a million dollars for its failure to protect its workers from falls.
The investigation came after a worker fell 40 feet from a pitched roof at a Washington, Pennsylvania, work site and died.
According to OSHA, the company failed to provide its roofers with any fall protection. Furthermore, a newly hired worker, a college student, was not trained in hazards or in the safety measures required for roofing work. The agency's penalties included fines for each worker who lacked fall protection plus a fine for failure to train the young employee.
John M. Hermanson, the OSHA administrator for the region noted, "Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Failure to provide employees with fall protection is unconscionable."


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