(Solution Download) 1 Do you think it would be possible to sum

1. Do you think it would be possible to sum up the resulting values and make a decision based only on the numbers? Support your answer.
2. What factors, other than those in the matrix of weighted criteria, might Robert and Bill need to consider in making a decision? Can these other factors influence the decision as strongly as the quantified criteria?
3. What if the values of several alternatives are very close? What other factors might Robert and Bill need to consider?
Now that you have read and studied the chapter, review the opening case on Tropic Fish Tales. Your job is to provide specific advice for Robert Holmes or Bill Williams on how to evaluate the various RFPs. Assuming that you can build some matrices that measure relative strengths among the proposals, comment on the applicability of doing an evaluation based strictly on the numbers. In other words, assume that Robert and Bill were able to create criteria and weights to measure the benefit to the company of the different alternatives.


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