(Solution Download) 1 Do you think marketers are to blame for kids

1. Do you think marketers are to blame for kids getting older younger? Give some other examples.
2. Give an example of a company that is countering this trend by offering age-appropriate products for children.

KGOY stands for ?kids getting older younger,? and marketers are getting much of the blame. Kids today see all types of messages, especially on the Internet, that children would never have seen in the past. Whereas boys may give up G.I. Joe at an earlier age to play war games on their xBox 360s, the greater controversy seems to surround claims of how girls have changed, or rather, how marketers have changed girls. Critics describe clothing designed for young girls aged 8-11 as ?floozy? and sexual, with department stores selling youngsters thongs and T-shirts that say ?Naughty Girl!? Although Barbie?s sexuality has never been subtle, she was originally targeted to girls 9-12 years old. Now, Barbie dolls target primarily girls 3-7 years old! And Barbie?s competitor, Bratz dolls, has an ?in-your-face? attitude that has some parents complaining that they are too sexual.


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