(Solution Download) 1 Do you think that TI took the right approach

1. Do you think that TI took the right approach to achieving better customer satisfaction by training its executives first? Would TI have achieved quicker results by training its front-line employees prior to its executives?
2. If you were an HR manager at TI, to what sources would you have looked to find information with which to calculate the program?s ROI?

Problem: Like most high-tech companies, semiconductor giant Texas Instruments rode the technology boom in a state of bliss. As customers waited in line for its products, TI became more product- and technology-centric, and admittedly less concerned about its customers. Then came the bust. TI was suddenly forced to compete for new business, yet elements of its management simply wouldn?t adjust to the market?s new demands. How could TI jolt its people into a renewed awareness of the customer?
Solution: Texas Instruments called on BTS USA, a global supplier of computer based simulations for learning. The provider developed a customer loyalty course for TI?s top 300 executives aimed at raising awareness about customer-centric thinking. The course was so successful that it was expanded to an additional 2,000 TI managers and earned BTS a coveted Supplier Excellence Award from a grateful TI.


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