(Solution Download) 1 Do you think the decision by CLT to build

1. Do you think the decision by CLT to build its own project managers from the existing employee base is a good one? What advice would you give to CLT to make sure that it has strong project management skills in the company?
2. What kind of criteria would you develop for Monica to use to measure whether Stewart (or any other potential project manager) is ready for project management responsibility?
3. If you were Monica, what kind of advice would you give to Stewart about managing his career and attaining his immediate goal to become a project manager?
It was time for Stewart Stockton?s annual performance review. As Monica Gibbons, an assistant vice president of information systems, prepared for the interview, she reviewed Stewart?s assignments over the last year and his performance. Stewart was one of the ?up and coming? systems analysts in the company, and she wanted to be sure to give him solid advice on how to advance his career. She knew, for example, that he had a strong desire to become a project manager and accept increasing levels of responsibility. His desire was certainly in agreement with the needs of the company.


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