(Solution Download) 1 Do you think the military has a right to

1. Do you think the military has a right to improve its recruiting through a more elaborate database of their potential "customers"?
2. Do you think the database is an invasion of privacy?
3. How else might the fluttery improve its recruiting?
In this digital age, marketers have more thorough data and can use the data for very precise market targeting. In fact, the United States military has developed a database of millions of high school and college students for recruiting. With the database, the military can more effectively target potential recruits. In addition to names and addresses, the data for each young person includes such things as favorite subjects, grade point aver-ages, and consumer purchases. Currently, more than 100 groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Rock the Vote are demanding that be database be abandoned and that the military not continue to collect this information for marketing purposes.


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