(Solution Download) 1 Does a strong business case exist for developing an

1. Does a strong business case exist for developing an information system to support the Caputos? business? Explain your answer.
2. In a small- to medium-sized business, such as OKA, is it really important to use a structured approach for information systems development? Why or why not?
3. Based on the facts provided, draft a mission statement for OKA. In your statement, consider all the stakeholders who might be affected by OKA operations.
4. What internal and external factors might affect OKA?s business success?

Original Kayak Adventures (OKA) offers guided eco-tours and kayak rentals along the Hudson River.
In Chapter 1, you learned that John and Edie Caputo founded OKA two years ago. Now John and Edie are thinking about replacing their current system, which is a mix of manual and computer-based techniques, with a new information system that would meet their current and future needs. Before you answer the following questions, you should review the fact statement in Chapter 1.


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