(Solution Download) 1 Does Bobby Bowfinger have a set of valid selection

1. Does Bobby Bowfinger have a set of valid selection criteria for filling the role of a Kit Ramsey look-alike? Does Bowfinger apply the criteria uniformly to each applicant?
2. Is Jiff Ramsey a good person-job fit in the screen role of Kit Ramsey?
3. Do you predict that Jiff Ramsey will be successful as a Kit Ramsey substitute?

This film, which brought Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy together for the first time, offers a funny look at Hollywood film-making. Bobby Bowfinger (Martin), perhaps the least successful director in films, wants to produce a low-budget film with top star Kit Ramsey (Murphy). Bowfinger?s problem: how to recruit a crew and cast with almost no budget while tricking Kit into appearing in his film.
Bowfinger interviews several candidates for the Kit Ramsey lookalike role. He rejects everyone until Jifferson (Jiff) Ramsey (also played by Murphy) auditions. This scene is an edited version of ?The Look-alike? sequence early in the film. It includes Jiff?s audition, interview, and a brief look at his first day at work.


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