(Solution Download) 1 Does Clark have any sources of power and any

1. Does Clark have any sources of power and any contingencies of power? If so, list and discuss them.
2. To what degree were Clark?s methods of influencing board members the most effective possible under the circumstances presented in the case?
3. Do you think her methods of getting things done at the foundation were ethical? Why or why not?

Dr. Rhonda Clark was ecstatic as she hung up the telephone. Bennett Mitchell, chairperson of KLS Executive Search firm, had just informed her that she landed the coveted position of chief executive officer (CEO) at the Smith Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission was to fund public awareness campaigns and research programs about eye care. Clark knew that she had just pulled off a major coup. Her appointment to this new, challenging position would indeed be the high point in a long, arduous climb to the executive suite. As an organizational outsider?one with no work experience within the hiring organization?she assumed that her appointment as CEO signaled a strong desire by the board to shake up the organizational status quo. However, she heard from a very reliable inside source that the very board that hired her and charged her with the responsibility of transforming the foundation was extremely fragmented. The often-rambunctious board had forced the last five CEOs to resign after very short tenures. Clark?s feeling of exhilaration was rapidly being replaced by cautious optimism. As a new CEO, she pondered the rather thorny question: How could she take charge of the board of directors to ensure the mission of the organization would be accomplished?


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