(Solution Download) 1 Does Jason Bourne describe a plan to Conklin If

1. Does Jason Bourne describe a plan to Conklin? If he does, what are the plan?s elements? What is Bourne?s goal?
2. Does Bourne assess the plan?s execution to determine if it conforms to his goal? If so, what does he-do?
3. Was Bourne?s plan successfully carried out? Why or why not? How does this scene relate to organizational strategic planning?

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) cannot remember who he is, but others believe he is an international assassin. Bourne tries to learn his identity with the help of his new friend and lover Marie (Franka Potente). Meanwhile, while CIA agents pursue him across Europe trying to kill him, Bourne slowly discovers that he is an extremely well-trained and lethal agent. The story, which is loosely based on Robert Ludlum?s 1981 novel, was previously filmed in 1988 as a television miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain. This scene is an edited version of the ?Bourne?s Game? sequence near the end of the film. Jason Bourne kills the hired assassin who tried to kill him the day after Jason and Marie arrived at the home of Eamon (Tim Dutton). Eamon is Marie?s friend but is a stranger to Jason. Jason uses the dead man?s cell phone after returning to his apartment in Paris, France. He presses the redial button, which connects him to Conklin (Chris Cooper), the CIA manager who is looking for him. Listen carefully to Jason?s conversation with Conklin as he walks along the right bank of the Seine River in Paris.


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