(Solution Download) 1 Does Lt Tyler analyze the submarine s external environment

1. Does Lt. Tyler analyze the submarine?s external environment? Does he engage in environmental scanning as described earlier in this chapter?
2. What is Lt. Tyler?s assessment of the submarine?s strengths and weaknesses?
3. Does Lt. Tyler consider threats and opportunities in forming his strategic plan? Has he done a SWOT analysis as described earlier in this chapter?

Watch the scene from U-571. It shows several aspects of strategic planning described earlier in this chapter.
This action-packed World War II thriller shows a U.S. submarine crew?s efforts to retrieve an Enigma encryption device from a disabled German submarine. After the crew gets the device, a German vessel torpedoes and sinks the U.S. submarine. The survivors must now use the disabled German submarine to escape from the enemy with their prize. The film?s almost nonstop action and extraordinary special effects look and sound best with a home theater system.


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