(Solution Download) 1 Does Nokia have a truly global strategy rather than

1. Does Nokia have a truly global strategy, rather than just a series of regional strategies? Explain.
2. Consider the different global marketing environments discussed in the text. How do these environments differ in developing versus developed countries?
3. Discuss Nokia?s global strategy in terms of the five global product and communications strategies.
4. Can competitors easily replicate Nokia?s global strategy? Why or why not?
5. Will Nokia?s planned expansion into other products and services work? Explain.

What brand of cell phone do you have? If you?re living in the United States, chances are it isn?t a Nokia. But if you?re living anywhere else in the world, it probably is. While the Finnish electronics company grabs only a single-digit slice of the U.S. cell phone pie, it dominates the global cell phone market with close to a 40 percent share.
Few companies dominate their industries the way that Nokia does. Half of the world?s population holds an active cell phone?one in three of those phones is a Nokia. In 2007 alone, Nokia sold 437 million phones.
That?s 26 percent more phones than it sold the year before and almost as many phones as were sold by its four closest rivals?Samsung, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, and LG?combined!(.)


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