(Solution Download) 1 Does Professor Callahan sexually harass Elle If yes what

1. Does Professor Callahan sexually harass Elle? If yes, what is the evidence in these scenes?
2. If these scenes show sexual harassment, what type of harassment is it? Quid pro quo harassment or hostile environment harassment?
3. Did Elle behave appropriately or inappropriately in Professor Callahan?s office?

Review the earlier section ?Sexual Harassment? before watching this scene from Legally Blonde. Several aspects of that discussion appear in the scene.
Elle Woods? (Reese Witherspoon) boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis), wants to go to Harvard Law School instead of keeping their relationship alive. Elle pursues him vigorously by applying to and getting accepted to Harvard Law School. This is a charming comedy, dedicated to blonde women everywhere in the world. It is filled with stereotyping, giving many delightful twists to its surprise conclusion.


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