(Solution Download) 1 Does Red set clear performance standards for George If

1. Does Red set clear performance standards for George? If he does, what are they?
2. Red and George are both jockeys who competed against each other in earlier races. Do these scenes show peer appraisal or appraisal by people of different rank or position? Which characteristics of the performance appraisal process does this scene show?
3. An earlier section, ?Performance Appraisal Methods,? discussed many approaches to performance appraisal. Which method or methods most closely match(es) what occurs in these scenes? Identify examples in the scenes that match the performance appraisal method or methods you picked.

This scene will show you several aspects of appraising and improving performance. Watch for performance standards, peer appraisal, behavior shaping, and coaching.
Combine a jockey who is blind in one eye with an undersized, ill-tempered thoroughbred and an unusual trainer. The result: the Depression-era champion racehorse Seabiscuit. This engaging film shows the training and development of Seabiscuit by trainer ?Silent? Tom Smith (Chris Cooper) and jockey Red Pollard (Tobey Maguire). The enduring commitment of owner Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges) ensures the ultimate success of Seabiscuit on the racing circuit.


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