(Solution Download) 1 Donate the 1 000 to Central High and consider the

1. Donate the $1,000 to Central High, and consider the $10,000 bonus a good return on your gift.
2. Accept the fact you didn?t quite make your sales goal this year. Figure out ways to work smarter next year to increase the odds of achieving your target.
3. Don?t make the donation, but investigate whether any other ways were available to help Central High raise the funds that would allow the school to purchase the much-needed educational software.

When the idea first occurred to her, it seemed like such a win-win situation. Now she wasn?t so sure. Marge Brygay was a hard-working sales rep for Inspire Learning Corporation, a company intent on becoming the top educational software provider in 5 years. That newly adopted strategic goal translated into an ambitious million-dollar sales target for each of Inspire?s sales reps. At the beginning of the fiscal year, her share of the sales department?s operational goal seemed entirely reasonable to Marge. She believed in Inspire?s products. The company had developed innovative, highly regarded math, language, science, and social studies programs for the K?12 market.


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